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* Please note: this site is under construction & will be finished as time permits!

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     There are MANY history-related websites. Finding them is easy - the hard part is sorting through the information and verifying its accuracy. Much of our knowledge has been lost over time, and many surviving sources conflict with each other.

In this modern age with the Internet we have access to information from other countries. You may notice that sites based in other countries (like Britain, Germany, China, Russia, Moslem countries, etc.) may have different information than US sites have available. Sometimes their information is better than ours, sometimes it's not.

     TAL's History Links is only a list of the best history websites that I've found during my research. My list is by no means the most comprehensive; there are already websites that database all the history links they find. They have a lot of information, if you have time to dig through all of it. Hopefully my list will save you some time...

Best History Sites | Link Databases | History Maps

 Regional History: Africa | Asia | Europe |


Great Historical Map Sites:

Animated Atlases: 
* Atlas of World History
* Patrice Henrio. Histoire Mondiale (in French)

Static (non-animated) History Maps:
* John Nelson. Historical Atlas of the World since 500 BCE

Best History Sites:


1. Regnal Chronologies by Bruce Gordon,


2. Euratlas Maps of European History,


3. Wikimedia maps of World History


4. World History Maps by John Nelson


5. Columbia University, Maps of South Asia

Maps of South and Southeast Asia

6. DK Atlas of World History, 2000 edition.

7. Fsmitha Macrohistory and World Report


8. Friesian School of Philosophical History, http://www.friesian.com/histindx.htm

9. Historical Map Resources on the University of Texas website


10. Early British Kingdoms


11. History & Commercial Atlas of China


12. Various Wikipedia articles.

* See the TAL_Map_Sources page for more of my sources!

* Also several wikipedians have sent me information to help correct minor errors or add missing information.


Link Databases:


1.  Bruce Gordon (Regnal Chronologies)

2.  Bogomolov.Pl (Wiki-talk page)

History Maps:

John Nelson's www.WorldHistoryMaps.com

Regional Histories:

African History

Asian History

European History

Other History:

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