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Talessman’s Atlas of World History

     Welcome to Talessman's Atlas of World History! I'm Thomas Lessman, an amateur historian with almost 30 years of experience researching world history. I've had a passion for history ever since childhood, especially in designing historical maps. It would be a shame to let my research go to waste, so I decided to share my work and knowledge through this website.

License/Permissions: I will research proper licensing when I get a chance. In the meantime, this is may help:
I have no problem with people using these maps in projects such as classroom assignments, bible studies, personal projects, etc. Any open-source or free projects (ex: Wikipedia, LiberKey, etc) may use these maps as needed. Teachers may use these maps to help with their classroom activities.

1. You must include source information (Author: Thomas Lessman, Source Website: www.WorldHistoryMaps.info., Date, etc.
2. If you alter the maps, you must get my permission, and
3. Any use of these maps for projects that are not free or open-source (including books, games, etc.) must have my permission and may have to pay for usage. In other words, if you use my work to make money, then SHARE the profits with me!

For any other questions, comments, requests, etc., you may email me at talessman@worldhistorymaps.info. Please be patient and do not expect an immediate response!

* Update 3-28-2014: I have NOT abandoned this project, and there are MANY more maps and information I plan to add to the site eventually. I suffered some serious setbacks over the last few years, including the theft of a laptop I was using to design the maps, along with a 30gb iPod I had been using as a backup drive. Soon after that happened, I moved into the 150 year-old farmhouse on the farm that my family has owned for 135 years. Having been thru about a dozen floods, several of which reached the 2nd floor, the house has required serious work to save, and this takes up a LOT of my time currently.

Meanwhile, you should also check out the awesome websites of some of my greatest competitors:

www.WorldHistoryMaps.net (aka www.GeaCron.com),

and John Nelson's www.WorldHistoryMaps.com

<-- Use this navigation menu to browse the site. Some pages are not finished; please be patient, I'm working on the site as time permits!

     The Maps page has a list of my world history maps. For convenience, the maps are divided into 5 eras: Prehistoric, Primeval, Ancient, Medieval, and Modern).

* Read About the Maps for licensing and usage information!

     The Sources section is a list of references for the information depicted on the maps. Currently stored on 3 long pages, I plan to split them into 5 or more easily managed sections.

     The Updates page is where I try to list recent changes (when I have time to update the page!).

     I'm working on some new sections, but they are FAR from complete. The History section will contain articles about historical peoples & nations. The Timelines section will have detailed lists of events in chronological order. And the Alternate-History section will show some of my stories and maps about fictional worlds where history turned out differently than in ours.

     My Links page contains a list of my favorite history-related websites and resources. I've also added a Bookmarks page that contains a huge list of links saved from my FireFox Bookmarks menu.

Sample Maps

Talessman's World History Maps:
East Hem 001ad (Thumb)

Roman History Maps:
Rome 475 ad (Thumb)

Other Specialized Maps:
Persia 600 ad (Thumb)



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