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Talessman’s Atlas of World History

     Welcome to Talessman's Atlas of World History! I'm Thomas Lessman, an amateur historian with over 20 years of experience researching world history. I've had a passion for history ever since childhood, and decided to share my work and knowledge through this website.


<-- Use this navigation menu to browse the site. Many pages are not finished; please be patient, I'm working on the site as time permits!

     The Maps page has a list of the world history maps I've made and uploaded to this site. (Please read About the Maps for information on licensing and usage of the maps.)

     The Sources section is a list of references for the main sources of info depicted on the maps. 

     Recently I've begun adding some new sections. The History section has articles about historical peoples & nations. The Timelines section will have detailed lists of events in chronological order. And the Alternate-History section will (eventually) show some of my stories and maps about fictional worlds where history turned out differently than in ours.

     The Updates page is where I (try to) list recent changes (when I have time to update the page!). It's a good idea to check there to see if I've updated any maps recently, for example. 

     Links to my favorite history-related websites and resources can be found in the Links page. I also have a list of links saved from my Bookmarks menu.

Sample Maps

World History Maps:
East Hem 001ad (Thumb)

Roman History Maps:
Rome 475 ad (Thumb)

Other Specialized Maps:
Persia 600 ad (Thumb)



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